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Evening all, 

A quick one to let you know that Episode 2 of YouTubers Live has been released, I was pretty happy about the reception the game has recieved for the first episode and second episodes, I will definitely be carrying this on!

KingTidusGaming 2468 1 hour ago
do more I love this game

I was thinking of maybe doing an impressions video of the game though cause there are some things in the game that I would suggest in changing or adding, not sure yet, what do you think?

Anyway, here it is, Episode 2, I'm not sure if Episode 3 will be out tomorrow as planned as I've just wiped my computer, may need to wait till next week which I'll have Episode 3 and 4, Would be kinda good anyway as it would bring the episodes into even numbers at the end of each weekend (OCD Initiated!)

Oh it's exciting times indeed, lots of things are happening in relation to projects, direction, learning and self motivation.
Only people that actually check this website will ever know what is going on with my personal life and progression, I'll plug this site as much as possible on my YouTube Channel and where ever else I decide to share to, however those that never come here will either never know or will eventually but it'll be old news to the people here. I believe that people that take time to come to my website to read what I have to say are more involved with me as a person and all. 

To cut a long story short though, lets do a run down of things that are happening.

  1. I'll be starting a new Channel soon of my own as I want to take up biking again, I haven't done it since I was 16 before I was at the legal age to drive a car! However I love bikes, I always have, my dream bike is a Hayabusa but I'm no where near getting one of those. I plan on getting a Yamaha R125 which I'll be doing a few Moto Vlogs perhaps, along with progression videos of my learning. In the UK you need to sit a CBT to ride up to a maximum of 125CC, however you also need to use L plates. Over time as I pay the bike off I will save up to run my full bike license which will then open up everything. I don't plan to get a bigger bike though, just get rid of the L plates!
    Yamaha R125
  2. Next on the plates is to do with my current YouTube Channel "SankakuGames". My First channel to drive success! I'm currently in talks of Sponsorship for the channel that will assist in bringing new content, new viewers that want to watch more than just Planetside 2 which is one of my peeves about my channel. Most of my viewers only wanna watch or comment on Planetside 2 Videos, I don't want to be limited to that though, I want to expand and move on. So this is part of my push to show my professionalism and move onto new content and find fresh viewership.
  3. Another project which is slightly under wraps is really starting to take off, within the next 3-5 weeks a selection of people will be getting together on Skype to discuss the project, it's direction, ideas and what the next steps are. Can't really say much more about this but I'm really excited as it hits home for me, I've had similar idea's for a couple years now that I've been waiting for the right people to come along to take part in it with me. I've never spoke about this publicly as I didn't want to be robbed of the idea and loose all credit. The time to shine is now!

In regards to the first thing I mentioned here, I was considering taking up a Part Time job to fund this, I don't actually need to take up a part time job as I can afford it as it stands without digging into my savings as I am now 100% DEBT FREE !!!!! WHEEEW! However I'd like to earn more and faster for family goals! If all the above mentioned things go well, then I may never actually need to take up a part time job and this will turn from a nice little hobby that provides little funding into a more lucrative Part Time Job. You never really know, aim high and it could be full time! Damn that'd be nice!

Well today I was planning on editing more DOOM footage however I got sidetracked talking about the secretive project (Thanks Michael :P), lost track of time and wanted to make this post on the website. I really want to stay on top of this build of the website this time, I'm even taking weekly backups of it! Holy Crap!

Right, well it's 23:26... Time for bed, real life work to get to tomorrow so I can get home and get back to all the fun times that are developing as I type!

Remember people never think you can't do something, never aim low, no matter what it is, give it a try, you may regret it if you never do, it's better to fail than never have tried at all!

Arigato Gozimasu, *bow*
Sankaku OUT!

Battlefield 1 is set in World War I and will be released on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Origin).

If you want to play three days early, an Early Enlister Deluxe Edition will be available for all platforms on October 18 for $79.99 and will include extra vehicles, weapons and emblems including the Red Baron Pack, the Lawrence of Arabia Pack, and new visual appearances for three large vehicles -- the Frontline Camouflage Train, the Night Raid Airship, and the Dazzle Camouflage Dreadnought.

It's been a long time since I've been in Eve Online, actually when I've logged in today I can see that the last proper activity was back in 2013, so I have been away for a long time. I'll tell you now, things have changed a lot since I last played, is it better? It definitely is!

I seen this recent Trailer for their latest and greatest expansion titled Citadel. This brings in a whole new level to the game, especially with the docking of capital ship etc. It's not a level of the game I think I'll ever see, or at least any time soon. I prefer manufacturing, running high sec missions and selling stuff. As I write this post I'm sitting in a Hulk in Tidacha Mining Concentrated Veldspar so I can sell it and enjoy easily making in game currency while I actively do other things! Yup I'm one of those types that likes to Mine while afk'ing!

I'm likely going to get back into playing this game in my personal time, not sure yet but it may completely replace Final Fantasy XIV (MMO) that I currently spend a lot of time playing, we will see how things go. Not sure if I'll get back into recording content for it as my YouTube channel has a tendency to gear more towards Planetside 2 only, so I think it would just be wasted time =/

However let's see that trailer I mentioned earlier!

Battlefield Franchise Takes a Leap Back in Time AGAIN!

Testing place filler!

The Battlefield Franchise has yet again decided to go to the past for content and is working on their latest game themed on World War I, only difference in this game it wont be based on actual events, rather it is based on an alternate universe where World War I had a different twist added to it and different roles for countries to take part in.

Enjoy this Announcement Video, the first released footage of Battlefield 1


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