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  • Don't forget, I love bikes!

    As well as Gaming I'm also into Motorbikes and I have a channel for this obviously :)

    Please feel free to check out one of my MotoVlogs! Oh and don't forget to Susbcribe and like the video, it really helps out !

    Enjoy! :D
  • First DOOM Let's Play Video

    DOOM has been released on all Platforms, Playstation 4, XBOX One and PC. I have purchased the Game on PC as naturally I feel that games like DOOM and Quake were created with PC in mind. 

    So check out my first episode of DOOM Let's Play series, to this point I have only played for around 15 minutes so far, not to worry though, I'll definitely be playing more soon and recording for the channel. Once I have played through either 1/2 or the entire game I'll run out additional Videos such as a Review and what I would do differently.

    Hope you Enjoy, and don't forget to Like and leave me a comment of how your experience with the game has been?

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  • YouTubers Life - Episode 2

    Evening all, 

    A quick one to let you know that Episode 2 of YouTubers Live has been released, I was pretty happy about the reception the game has recieved for the first episode and second episodes, I will definitely be carrying this on!

    KingTidusGaming 2468 1 hour ago
    do more I love this game

    I was thinking of maybe doing an impressions video of the game though cause there are some things in the game that I would suggest in changing or adding, not sure yet, what do you think?

    Anyway, here it is, Episode 2, I'm not sure if Episode 3 will be out tomorrow as planned as I've just wiped my computer, may need to wait till next week which I'll have Episode 3 and 4, Would be kinda good anyway as it would bring the episodes into even numbers at the end of each weekend (OCD Initiated!)

  • YouTubers Life Series Started!

    Wow, The irony of this game that I have just played is amazing. I got an email about this game being launched for early access, naturally being a YouTuber I had to give this a try, however I'm sure every YouTuber that plays games will do eventually too.

    I was not expecting there to be so many different things that you could do in the game, have only recorded one episode of it so far (For my Real Life Channel!). In the game I think I'm up to around 4 videos now, subs and viewers building up, faster than they do on my own channel... Well I do have way more views than subs.

    Anyways really like the game so far so I'm gonna carry on with it :D

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