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    It's been a long time since I've been in Eve Online, actually when I've logged in today I can see that the last proper activity was back in 2013, so I have been away for a long time. I'll tell you now, things have changed a lot since I last played, is it better? It definitely is!

    I seen this recent Trailer for their latest and greatest expansion titled Citadel. This brings in a whole new level to the game, especially with the docking of capital ship etc. It's not a level of the game I think I'll ever see, or at least any time soon. I prefer manufacturing, running high sec missions and selling stuff. As I write this post I'm sitting in a Hulk in Tidacha Mining Concentrated Veldspar so I can sell it and enjoy easily making in game currency while I actively do other things! Yup I'm one of those types that likes to Mine while afk'ing!

    I'm likely going to get back into playing this game in my personal time, not sure yet but it may completely replace Final Fantasy XIV (MMO) that I currently spend a lot of time playing, we will see how things go. Not sure if I'll get back into recording content for it as my YouTube channel has a tendency to gear more towards Planetside 2 only, so I think it would just be wasted time =/

    However let's see that trailer I mentioned earlier!

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