Wow, During the day today I got really worked up after having a massive fail Dungeon during an Hour gap that I dedicated to my Final Fantasy adventures. I knew I had an hour freed up so I signed up my Dragoon for some levelling action, Knowing when I complete this dungeon that I would be one level closer to 60! (Currently Level 34). Game one, *FLING* Dungeon Pop, time to slay some dungeon trash!

Dungeon loads, I'm there first naturally, everyone else shortly follows, Protect up from healer, the tank and healer start moving, Good Good, we are moving well for time and it's looking ... dare I say it... Promising!


Tank doesn't know how told hold agro, doesn't have defiance up, and rarely uses overpower, it's down to myself as Dragoon and my fellow DPS to basically do the damage required while controlling Agro as the tank couldn't, always having to cover our healers ass and make sure he stays up. There was naturally some failures, but that's to be expected when your tank shouldn't be a tank. I could go into the nationality discussion and how the general player from this country are known for poor gaming quality and team play... however that's all I need to say about this. I was so pissed off, later on the same night I Grabbed my bow and joined on the Frontline, 6 wins required for a new mount. I wasn't really looking to achieve anything other than to blow some steam but dayum, I slaughtered them left right and centre. I had the opposition bowing at my feet as I shot a bow in their face! Many Battle High's and I got all the wins I required, it was awesome!

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