Well I don't think it's long until the launch of the new Nintendo Switch (Googles release date), actually it's less than a month until the platform is released. The new Nintendo system will be gracing gamer's palms on the 3rd of March 2017, built to function as a hand held console using all of its power. The new hand held will come with 1 controller which can split into 3 parts, the central part acts as a charger for when the left and right sides are attached. When detached they can be attached to the side of the screen of the Switch, which is technically just like an iPad or Android Pad with a few bits of extra tech to focus on gaming. If you don't wish to play it in a hand held mode you simply build up your controller again and then dock your pad which is hooked into your TV already, thus allowing you for the exact same games on your big TV!

Why am I not excited about this?

Well I see this new "console" to be exactly like every other Nintendo release, it'll never play the AAA titles in all their graphical glory, it wont push the boundries of technology and inspire companies to develop for it instead of the Mainstream consoles like Playstation and XBOX. This Nintendo Switch is basically just a £280 novelty item... Sure I might like the idea of playing Pokemon on it, or maybe a few other titles, so yea about 3 games maybe I would play on it. Is it worth it? If you don't have another hand held console... Yes it's worth it but I'm sure it will be sidelined next to your PC/Consoles in no time and the novelty of this will wear off quickly.
I did mention that there wont be many AAA titles, there will be a few upon launch, because why would a developer not jump on a new console release band wagon? It's basically free promotion, but when the game sales start dropping so will the time into developing these games! The games I expect to see on this console will be little kids games, cartoon style animation which requires not a lot of graphical power. 

So already before it's release, I'm somewhat disappointed, but this is the route that Nintendo has choosen for itself, it will never get out of this  4th place runner up as far as gaming goes (Next to PC, Playstation and XBOX)

RIP Switch.

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